A break in the woods.

7 May

Saturday, Mr. Woods and I took a break from all things responsible and went to the beach.

The beach on base is less than 15 minutes from our front door.

And it’s wicked clean.

And wicked quiet.

So quiet, that I thought it was a good idea to squeeze my 21-week pregnant self into a bikini from my Freshman year of college.

I’m still unsure whether I should be bragging or embarrassed.


Now, for pure entertainment, here is a picture from our trip to St. Maarten, post deployment.

2 moths before I got pregnant.

I think I still have two abs left right now, and I am milking them for all they are worth.


Our 4 hour beach trip obviously included food and bev.


Greek pasta salad, Perrier for me, and Mr. Woods prepared a few martinis in a water bottle.

Mr. Woods may or may not have bought me a trashy celeb-toid magazine for the outing.

We may or may not have looked at it together, each with 1-3 comments for each page.


We’re going to be classy parents, huh?


This mini nap followed the martinis, but not before Mr. Woods dug my baby bump a hole it the sand so I could comfortably lay on my stomach.

I’m thinking about asking him to do the same to our mattress.


Three in the woods.

16 Apr

Three big things are goin on in the Woods. Now might be a good time to sit down.

1. We are expecting Baby Woods in September 2012!

Honestly, we are still trying to wrap our minds around that one.

Here is our “official” announcement.

2. Sister LL is expecting too! And is due TEN DAYS BEFORE I AM.


Before you ask if our parents are freaking out- they are.

My only fear is that the Woods baby might eat it’s cousin.. Just look at the size difference in the mothers-to-be.

And then add the fact that Mr. Woods weighted over 10lbs when he was born.

And I weighed over 9lbs when I was born.

And then just say a prayer for me.

And my body.

And our unborn chunker.

3. We are moving to Virginia in June!

Mr. Woods received his orders to report to his new billet (job) and we just couldn’t be more excited. I am so proud of him- he was selected for his first choice!

I mean, I knew I married a stud, but he just keeps rolling out these crazy accomplishments.

We will be 15 minutes away from Brother, who returns from deployment #3 in October. Dreams DO come true, people.

Here’s a picture of my latest chalkboard doodle. Can you tell I’m excited?

Peel in the woods.

22 Jan

Cutthroat game of bananagrams.


The blow of my dramatic (who me?) loss was softened by the brownie.


fridays in the woods.

21 Jan

The excitement for Friday starts on Tuesday in our house.

When we are in town, Friday nights begin with sweatpants and slippers.

You already want to join us, right?

The rest is a flurry of homemade pizza, couch snuggling, movie watching and occasional adult beverages. Then it usually ends with one of us asleep on the couch. Guess who.

Every so often (last night), dessert (*&#^# brownies*) also stops in to say hello.

Heres how we do it:

We start with the fixins’.

Then have an epic snack. And, do a snack dance (Mr. Woods).

Start the pie. Dough and crushed tomatoes. Bake.

Finish the pie. Cheese and toppings. Bake again.

Try not to have your eyes roll back into your head. We had trouble with this step.

Choose a movie (Moneyball. If you have’t seen it, stop what you’re doing) from my very merry Christmas present from Mr. Woods (AppleTV has changed our lives. Not an overstatement).

And the rest requires no work.

Well, I guess thats if waking up a cranky Mrs. Woods who fell asleep on the leather couch and is sweating and absolutely must clean the kitchen before she gets in bed doesn’t count as work.

*These happened too fast for pictures.

snuggly in the woods.

11 Jan

We’re always snuggly.

But tonight was rainy. And cold.

Soup and grilled cheese.

Yes, please!

in the woods.

29 Dec

Let me reintroduce myself to the keyboard.. and you all back into the woods.

Instead of doing a post to catch up the last 4 months, I’ll just blame Mr. Woods for coming home, taking me on vacations, being super handsome, making me laugh all the time, spoiling me, tripling the food intake in our house, and distracting me from sitting in front my computer.

I’m also blaming him for my permanently spiked happiness level.

This guy.. He’ll do that to ya.

So, I guess this puts us all back in the woods.

pathetic in the woods.

18 Aug

Mrs. Webster’s pathetic:

1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity

2: marked by sorrow or melancholy: sad

3: pitifully inferior or inadequate

4: absurd, laughable


Mrs. Woods’ pathetic:

1: Needing a cooler of food for 3 hours of errands


um, whoa, in the woods.

16 Aug

And thats exactly how I feel after spending every free second of the last week watching HBO’s The Pacific.

And not blogging.

Time well spent.

I literally just finished the last episode, and ran to Mr. Woods’ nightstand to grab his copy of With the Old Breed.

By his suggestion and with his permission, of course.

It’s actually signed by Eugene Sledge.


I’l be filling every free second reading that now.

rated R in the woods.

8 Aug

Sometimes, cursing happens.

Must. Get. Through. August.

tease in the woods.

3 Aug

My dress for Mr. Woods’ homecoming is in that box.

That particular outfit is not a matter I take lightly, as you will see below. Plus, I’m kinda a clothes whore.

I spent two seasons months stalking this dress; watching the available sizes fluctuate and the price stay the same.

Alright, alright, stalking is an understatement.

I had a google alert set up.

My blog is a no judge zone, people.

Two weeks ago, two sizes too big, 40% off the recent sale price and free shipping later.. I pulled the trigger and I’m taking this box to the tailor.

Let’s just say I got the $395 dress I had been swooning over for pennies on that price tag. Woop.

Thank. You. Mr. Woods.

And Google Alerts. At 12:45am. Maybe…

Last year I went for a cheeky take on cammo.

Also a case of (less extreme) dress stalking.

No thanks to Anthropologie, I tracked that baby down on eBay.

So, you’re going to have to wait until SEPTEMBER to see this parisian-inspired masterpiece.

You read right, September!

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