you won’t understand in the woods.

28 Apr

.. but read on anyways.

This whole MilSpouse thing is tricky. We need a totally unique flavor of support that 99% (real number) of the country simply cannot understand. It’s not your fault, people. Really.  And, we don’t blame you, so don’t worry. We do appreciate and need your flavor of support, too.

We rely mainly on that inspiring, beautiful, crazy, and strong 1%: ourselves. Think of it like an incestuous pool of support. Actually that sounds gross, try recycled pool of support.  Ok I’m done being preachy.

This handsome couple just said goodbye and started their journey to endure deployment #2.

You HATE HATE HATE to see your friend’s husbands go. HATEEE!

So, to SR: I won’t tell you it will go quickly, be easy, or that you will be fine. We know that ain’t true.

BUT I will tell you that you are surrounded by friends (and dogs) that love and understand your every mood, cry, need for wine, and the 7 months of madness that we all know too well.

There will also be lots of Saturday thrifting. And lots of wine consumed. Maybe some running, too.

We gotcha, girl! xoxo


4 Responses to “you won’t understand in the woods.”

  1. terri 2011/04/28 at 10:57 #

    You strong, young, beautiful ladies are so fortunate to have each other as friends. No one knows what you go through, we think we have a glimpse, but nothing can be a comfort as much as another MilSpouse. Now, get the wine chilled (extra for that pinot grigio), have a few snacks and cupcakes and get ready to watch the royal wedding with lots of tissues.

  2. Mama 2011/04/28 at 20:45 #

    You ladies are as inspiring and honorable as you husbands. Thank you hardly seems worthy.

  3. Auntie 2011/05/02 at 09:33 #

    Emy: You are right we cannot feel what you all feel, but some of us can get to the bones of it and know just how courageous the men and woman are who serve to protect us.And the courage and fortitude that the spouses and families endure to keep themselves and their partner,son, daughters’ spirits buoyed in their absence. I thank them and all of you for “holding the space” for their speedy and safe return. Not a day does not go by that I do not think of you and Beau and Adam and pray for end to the fighting and they be returned to their homes. With love, JIll xoxo


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    […] this, I think we all go through it just a little too, even if it’s not our turn. (See a post from Mrs. Woods when my last deployment began. She explains it well, and nearly brings tears to my eyes as I read […]

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